2019 List of Accepted Workshops

May 22, 2019 | News

Please find below the initial list of accepted workshops out of the total 60 workshop proposals evaluated by the Program Committee.

(List of Submitted Workshop & Workshop Description LInk: https://apps.2019.rigf.asia/submission/proposallist)

Last updated: July 15, 2019


No. Workshop Title Contact Person Organization Sub-Themes
6 Analyzing Perspectives on Youth Participation in the Multi-stakeholder Landscape: A Contextual Follow-Through Session on Motivations to Sustainability Efforts Benjz Gerard Magtibay Sevilla Department of Information and Communications Technology Evolving Role of Internet Governance & Multi-Stakeholder Participation
48 A roadmap for studying ICT laws and building a database for Asia Gayatri Khandhadai Association for Progressive Communications Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
12 Coping with misinformation in an era of information deluge: Who is Responsible? Amrita Choudhury CCAOI Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
51 Protection of Child Online: Importance of Child Safety Complaints Tools Kamala Adhikari Forum for Digital Equality Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
23 Big tech everywhere: Is this the future of the Internet? Naveed Haq Internet Society Digital Economy
17 The Future of Digital Identity and Human Rights Naman Mukul Aggarwal Access Now Access & Universality
30 The Ethics behind Computing Machines: Raising Awareness of Digital Talents Betty Purwandari Universitas Indonesia Emerging Technologies & Society
22 IoT Security – a differentiator for consumers Naveed Haq Internet Society Emerging Technologies & Society
35 Language Diversity in Asia-Pacific: Challenges towards Digital Dividends. Priyatosh Jana ISOC India Kolkata Chapter,Mallabhum Institute Of Technology Access & Universality
41 Localized Internet: two sides of a coin Pablo Hinojosa APNIC Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
28 Honey, I shut the internet! Dealing with internet shutdowns in Asia Pacific Raman Jit Singh Chima Access Now Access & Universality
55 Community Networks – Connecting the Hardest Half Talant Sultanov Association for Progressive Communications (APC) / Internet Society-Kyrgyz Chapter Access & Universality
14 Know Your Net – Working Together to Address Internet Security and Standards Joyce Chen ICANN Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
50 Can we apply "multi-stakeholder approach" for governance of crypto assets? Mariko Kobayashi Mercari, Inc. Emerging Technologies & Society
(Closing Plenary)
The role of Pacific Internet Governance and Multistakeholder Participation in the Global IGF ANJU MANGAL Digital Transformation, Pacific Community (SPC) and Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) Evolving Role of Internet Governance & Multi-Stakeholder Participation
42 Sharing IPv6 Deployment Experiences among Asia Pacific Countries Kuo Wu Taiwan Internet Governance Forum (TWIGF) Access & Universality
10 Child-led research on promoting safer Internet from children’s perspective Yang Taiyu Guangzhou Growth Sky Social Service Center Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
37 Is e-Government an effective mechanism for developing economies Maureen Hilyard Cook Islands Internet Action Group Digital Economy
57 Digital Security at the Grassroots: Emerging needs and challenges Smita Vanniyar Point of View Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
9 Build Concept on AI Society for Global Good: Quest for Inclusion Shah Rahman ISOC Bangladesh Chapter Emerging Technologies & Society
20 Cyber Norms in Asia-Pacific Bart Hogeveen International Cyber Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute  
Merger 1 – Universality of the Domain Name System (DNS) Access & Universality
34 Universal Acceptance: Opportunities and Risks for Asia-Pacific Satish Babu APRALO  
13 Universality of the Domain Name System (DNS) Joyce Chen ICANN  
Merger 3 – Online Resistance Movements and Political Organising Against and Countering Hate Speech in Asia Human Rights Online
54 Community organization and engaging ICTs to counter hate speech online in Asia Gayatri Khandhadai Association for Progressive Communications  
25 Political participation in a time of social media Shmyla Khan Digital Rights Foundation  


Withdrawn Proposals
7 Harnessing ICT for building resilient and empowered communities in AP region (Withdrawn) Ashirwad Tripathy Educating Nepal Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
Merger 2 (Withdrawn) Safer Internet, Cybersecurity & Regulation
46 Promoting Cyber Safety and Privacy Culture in the Pacific Region – Awareness and Learnings (Withdrawn) Elvin Prasad University of the South Pacific  


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the secretariat at [email protected].

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