APrIGF Updated MSG Operating Principles

Jan 16, 2019 | News

Jan 16, 2019

To encourage active participation and membership of the MSG, the MSG decided during the face-to-face meeting at 2018 Vanuatu meeting to update the existing Operating Principles with a clearer membership commitment guideline in section 5.

A working group has then been called upon to review the principles with the below volunteers:

– Aris Ignacio, Philippines (Academia)
– Chester Soong, Hong Kong (Civil Society)
– Fouad Bajwa, Pakistan (Civil Society)
– Hriday Sarma, India (Private Sector)
– Maheeshwara Kirindigoda, Sri Lanka (Government)
– YingChu Chen, Taiwan (Private Sector)

The latest version has been published to the MSG members on 12 December with the final version adopted at the MSG monthly meeting on 16 January. You may download the updated Operating Principles at https://www.aprigf.asia/msg.html#op.


For inquiries, please contact the secretariat at [email protected].

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