2021 List of Accepted Sessions

Jul 19, 2021 | News

Please find below the list of accepted sessions out of the total 46 session proposals evaluated by the Program Committee.

(List of submitted sessions and session description here).

No. Session Title Contact Person Organization
1 Critical Times: Impact of Digitalization on Climate Change Christine Or DotAsia Organisation
2 Don’t shoot the messenger, intermediary liability principles under threat Michael Caster Article 19
3 Helping kids learn in times of pandemic Talant Sultanov ISOC Kyrgyz Chapter
4 Decrypting the encryption debate in Asia-Pacific Apurva Singh Software Freedom Law Centre, India (SFLC.in)
5 Why open and interoperable Internet infrastructure is key to the Internet’s continued success Adrian Wan Internet Society
6 Citizen-Centered Approach on Tackling Hate Speech, Hindering State Authoritarianism and Algorithmic Censorship of Tech Platforms Arfi Bambani Amri EngageMedia
7 Internet Rules: Judicial and Regulatory developments impacts digital rights in Asia Gayatri Khandhadai Association for Progressive Communications
8 Building digital information literacy skills for trust and well-being. Winston Roberts IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions)
9 More than wor(l)ds : Can AI effectively monitor online harms? Raashi Saxena The Sentinel Project
10 Advancing Internet Freedom in Asia-Pacific via applying UNESCO’s Internet Universality ROAM Principles and Indicators Xianhong Hu UNESCO
11 Digitally-led, Inclusive Growth in the Age of COVID-19 John Karr The Asia Foundation
12 MANRS for Policy Makers to improve global routing security Ram Krishna Pariyar Internet Society
13 Weaponization of surveillance amod a pandemic in South Ease Asia Liza Samonte Garcia Foundation for Media Alternatives
14 Human rights impact of Covid-19 technologies and the role of businesses Rohini Lakshané Institute of Human Rights and Business
15 The Impact of the Global Pandemic on Schools on Internet Governance Satish Babu APSIG
16 Transnational conversations on reclaiming freedom of expression online Sachini Perera Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ)
17 Is the internet trusted forever?   — The issue about the pirate site on “Manga” and freedom of expression in Japan. Toshiaki Tateishi Japan Internet Providers Association
18 The Internet’s Technical Success Factors Pablo Hinojosa APNIC


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the secretariat at [email protected].

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