APrIGF 2021 Election Process Announcement

Aug 4, 2021 | News

This is to announce the Election Process 2021 for the leadership position of Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG).

Current leaders have served for 1 term and are concluding after APrIGF 2021:
Chair: Mr. Rajnesh Singh, Internet Society (ISOC) (Technical Community) (2019-2021)
Vice Chair: Ms. Anju Mangal, The World Wide Web Foundation (WWW) (Inter-governmental Organisation) (2019-2021)

Vacant Positions: 

  • Chair of MSG (2021-2023)
  • Vice Chair of MSG (2021-2023)

According to the APrIGF Election Procedure, a call for Election Committee has been opened from 13 Jul (Tue) – 21 Jul (Wed) 2021. With consensus among the MSG, below are the final members of Election Committee 2021. 

  • Ms. YingChu Chen, Taiwan (Academia)
  • Mr. Ananda Gautam, Nepal (Civil Society)
  • Ms. Maureen Hilyard, Pacific (Civil Society)

2021 Election Timeline

27 Jul (Tue) Appointment of the Election Committee
3 Aug (Tue) Nomination period opens
12 Aug (Thu) Announcement online and notification to ACTIVE MSG VOTING MEMBERS of their eligibility to vote (as per Election Rules and Procedure)
23 Aug (Mon) Nomination period closes
24 Aug (Tue) Announce final shortlisted candidates to MSG members
30 Aug (Mon) Opening date of voting period
3 Sep (Fri) Closing date of voting period
6 Sep (Mon) Announcement of the Final Election Result


Eligibility of Candidates

Candidates for leadership (Chair or Vice-Chair) in any election year are open to every MSG member as well as non-MSG members. However, it is desirable that all candidates possess the following qualifications.

  1. Must work and reside in the Asia Pacific region
  2. Represent one of the listed stakeholders in Part 4 of Section 1 Operating Principles of APrIGF MSG (but not limited to the list).
  3. Volunteers who have been active in the APrIGF activities and the Internet Governance space.
  4. MSG members with leadership potential, who have demonstrated long term commitment to the MSG’s goals.
  5. In the event of conflict of interest, MSG member must declare their status at the earliest to the MSG Chair and the whole MSG as an act of good faith.

Term of office

  1. The term of office for each position is two event cycles.
  2. All leadership positions will not exceed two consecutive terms (or four years duration).
  3. Returning leaders may choose to run for election again after one cycle (or two years) has elapsed since the last date of tenure (most recent ending term date) confirmed by the Secretariat.
  4. In the case where the Vice Chair wanting to stand for the Chair position:

(a) If their term is ending at the next election, they can be nominated as Chair while a separate election will take place for the Vice Chair position.
(b) If their term is not ending at the next election, they must vacate their position as Vice Chair, so that another separate election can take place for the empty Vice Chair position.

Nomination Method:

Nominations of candidates should be made by submitting the name, organisation, stakeholder group, a short bio, email address AND a letter stating the acceptance of the nomination of the candidate to [email protected] ONLY before the nomination period closes. Self-nominations will also be accepted.

More information about the Operating Principles and Election Procedure of APrIGF MSG, please visit https://aprigf.asia/msg/.

Thank you very much.

Secretariat of APrIGF

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