2023 List of Accepted Sessions

Jun 23, 2023 | News

Please find below the list of accepted sessions out of the total 86 session proposals evaluated by the Program Committee

Session No. Session Title Contact Person Organization
1 AI in Asia-Pacific: Charting a Path for Responsible Innovation Mamta Siwakoti Digital Law and Policy Centre
2 Investing in professional development for a diverse workforce in APAC: challenges and opportunities Sylvia Cadena APNIC Foundation
3 Sustainability of Complementary Connectivity Initiatives Marie Lisa Dacanay Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA)
4 Policy development on generative AI based on Biometrics & Weaponizing Information Bubbles Ryan Payne Internet Society
5 Stronger together: Amplifying multistakeholder voices in cyber diplomacy Michael Karimian Microsoft
6 Breaking security for ‘online safety’: What’s at stake for Asia-Pacific Kazim Rizvi The Dialogue
7 Content moderation policy advancing technology for democracy Kyung Sin Park Open Net/ Korea University
8 Disability and Digital Self-Determination: What’s the Missing Link? Debarati Das Point of View
9 Co-creating Digital Future for Children: An Intergenerational, Multistakeholder Dialogue on Children’s Data Protection Ananya Singh USAID Digital Youth Council
10 AI & Gender in Asia Pacific Catherine Setiawan International Telecommunication Union
11 The role for government purchasing of accessible Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Wayne Hawkins Australian Communications Consumer Action Network ACCAN
12 To protect or harm?: what the tensions between privacy and civic freedoms in personal data protection laws mean for civil society Debora Christine TIFA Foundation
13 Progressing Core Internet Values and Global Good Practice for the Internet of Things: impact on sustainability Maarten Botterman IGF Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (DC-IoT)
14 Stories from the Pacific – the human side of cyber incidents Cherie Lagakali Glocal Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE)
15 Tech Policy Atlas: your one stop shop for internet law, regulation and strategy Tanvi Nair ANU Tech Policy Design Centre
16 The Fulfilment of the Data Justice Framework through the Data Governance Model in Implementing the Village Information System; Indonesia Case Study. Elanto Wijoyono Combine Resource Institution
17 Ambivalence in Fulfillment of Internet Access Rights in West Papua? Civil Society Experience Unggul Sagena Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network
18 Youth Engagement in the Asia Pacific: What does the future hold for young people? – A showcase from Youth Standing Group Shradha Pandey ISOC
19 Online Safety Self regulatory Codes of Practice as a means to tackle digital harms – the New Zealand experience Brent Carey Netsafe
20 Be Safe Project Sagarika Wickramasekera Lanka School on Internet Governance
21 A Framework for Developing Gender-responsive Cybersecurity Policy Pavitra Ramanujam Association for Progressive Communications
22 Unpacking stakeholder engagement with the private sector Gayatri Khandhadai Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
23 Mines, Maps and Minerals: Trace the complex material flows of your smartphone to make more sustainable choices Titiksha Vashist The Pranava Institute
24 Malicious Convergence: Addressing Emerging Trends of Gendered Hate Speech in South Asia Saritha Irugalbandara Hashtag Generation
25 Bridging the Communications Divide Holly Raiche Internet Australia (Australian Chapter of ISOC)
26 Connecting Communities: Community Radio for Connectivity, Inclusion, Digital Rights, and Freedom of Expression Ritu Srivastava Jadeite Solutions Pvt. Ltd and Radio Bulbul
27 Is fragmentation the future of the Internet and How Can We Resist? Joyce Chen and Adrian Wan APNIC and Internet Society
28 Exploring Youth Perspectives in Social Media Content Creation Stella Anne Teoh Ming HuiI NetMission.Asia
29 Internationalised Domain Names: Implementation around APAC – Lessons, Challenges & Opportunities Patrick Donaldson Identity Digital
30 Evolving Internet governance for the next phase of the Internet Jordan Carter au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA)
31 Digital Environmental Sustainability through Circular Economy and Sustainable Design Solutions Syed Sultan Kazi Asia Pacific Council for Social and Digital Development (CSDD) and Digital Empowerment Foundation
32 What are the Challenges, Progress and Social Prosperity for Digital Economy in Asia? Priyatosh Jana Haldia Institute of Technology
33 G20 in India and digital inclusion: The impact of shutdowns Radhika jhalani SFLC.in
34 Impacts of national digital transformation on small island developing states Maureen Hilyard CIIAG, DC-SIDS, ALAC ICANN, PICISOC,


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the secretariat at [email protected].

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