APrIGF-APSIG 2022 Joint Fellowships Results

Jul 5, 2022 | Fellowship, News

(Click here for the Joint Fellowship Program announcement on Apr 28, 2022)


Joint Fellowship Program Sponsors and Partners
Fellowship Application Statistics Overview
Total Application received: 188 (Female: 81 / Male: 106 / Non-binary: 1)
Initial Round Selected Fellows: 27 (Female: 15 / Male: 11 / Non-binary: 1)
Sub-Region Distributions
East Asia: 2
Pacific & Oceania: 2
North Asia: 1
Southeast Asia: 11
South Asia: 9
West Asia: 2
Stakeholder Balance
Academia: 2
Civil Society: 10
Government/IGO: 4
Media / Press: 1
Private Sector: 6
Youth / Students: 4


Final Selected Fellows
Name Gender Nationality Stakeholder Group
Abdelhamid Ahmad Al Rahamneh M JO Civil Society
Ananda Gautam M NP Civil Society
Anusetsen Enkhzorigt F MN Government
Asyraf Mierza M MY Private Sector
Aung Si Kyaw M MM Civil Society
Daria Stepovaia F RU Youth / Students
Deepa Bhattarai F NP Government
Diem Thuy Nguyen F VN Academia
Ellen Kusuma F ID Civil Society
Evandri Guliano Pantouw M ID Private Sector
Fahad Iqbal M PK Private Sector
Jan Jacob Glenn Martinez Jansalin M PH Academia
Kadesiree Thossaphonpaisan F TH Civil Society
Kasun Tharaka Wickramasuriya M LK Government
Letitia Adeline Masaea F SB Civil Society
Nighat Parveen Khan F BD Private Sector
Nina Nakaora F FJ Private Sector
Raymond De Vera Palatino M PH Media / Press
Seulah Park F KR Youth / Students
Siriracha Kaeoyong F TH Youth / Students
Tayyaba Iftikhar F PK Government
Thel Mon Theint F MM Youth / Students
Trang Mai F VN Private Sector
Upasana Hembram F IN Civil Society
Vashkar Bhattacharjee M BD Civil Society
Vasundhra Kaul O IN Civil Society
Zaher T. M. Qassrawi M PS Civil Society

For questions or inquiries, please contact the secretariat at [email protected].

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