2019 Elections Result Announcement

Aug 19, 2019 | News

The voting period of the APrIGF Elections 2019 ended on 16 Aug 2019, UTC 23:59 for the below positions in the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group (MSG):

  • Chair Position (2019-2021)
  • Vice Chair Position (2019-2021)

There were a total of 36 eligible voting members for both positions in total listed on the Elections Page.

Below are the election results:

Chair Position (2019-2021)

  • Ms. Sylvia CADENA, Head of Programs, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) – 12 votes
  • Mr. Rajnesh SINGH, Director of the Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau, Asia-Pacific, Internet Society (ISOC) – 22 votes
  • Abstain – 1 votes

Total number of votes received: 35 votes

Vice Chair Position (2019-2021)

  • Mr. Fouad BAJWA, Public Policy Analyst, Researcher and Advisor, Internet Research Project (Pakistan) Member Cohort-2012-13 at the Centre for Public Policy and Governance, Lahore – 1 vote
  • Mr. Aris IGNACIO, Dean of College of Information Technology, Southville International School and Colleges – 8 votes
  • Ms. Anju MANGAL, Knowledge Management and ICT Specialist, Pacific Community (SPC) – 19 votes
  • Ms. Mili SEMLANI, Journalist – 6 votes
  • Abstain – 1 vote

Total number of votes received: 35 votes

According to the Election Procedure, both elections received over 25% number of votes out of the total eligible voting members and therefore attained quorum.

We hereby announce that Mr. Rajnesh Singh is elected as the Chair (2019-2021) and Ms. Anju Mangal as the Vice-Chair (2019-2021) of the MSG effective immediately.

Congratulations to all the newly elected leaders and thanks again to all the candidates’ participation!

If there is any enquiries, please contact the Election Committee at election[at]aprigf.asia.

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