The APrIGF 2023 Synthesis Document Process

Aug 21, 2023 | News

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5 October: The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum Brisbane 2023 Synthesis Document is now published.
22 September: The APrIGF 2023 Synthesis Document Draft 1 is currently open for public input from 22 – 28 September.

Draft 0 is currently open for public input from 21 August to 3 September. Please go to to contribute to the Synthesis Document. Join us in person at Brisbane or online during the Townhall sessions on 29 and 30 August. Everyone is welcome to take the mic. Make your voice heard!


The APrIGF Synthesis Document started as an experiment of the APrIGF 2015 Macau meeting. The concept was first raised and discussed at the APrIGF 2014 New Delhi Multi-stakeholder Steering Group (MSG) meetings, and further refined over the course of MSG deliberations through the year. Through the years, the Synthesis Document process has evolved through the collaborative efforts of the Drafting Committee and the APrIGF community.

The Synthesis Document aims to document items of common interest relevant to Internet governance in the Asia Pacific region and has developed into one of the highlight innovations of the APrIGF and inspired other national and regional initiatives to develop their own processes.

The current open input framework document is based on the submitted and accepted workshop proposals for APrIGF 2023, which will contain policy questions and basic summary of topics to be discussed at the APrIGF event. Further input will be sought at the Townhall sessions during the APrIGF event. Please go to the program for more details.

The Synthesis Document aims only to document the input from participants at the APrIGF and is not intended to be representative of the diverse Asia Pacific region. Nevertheless, it is the hope of the APrIGF MSG that the development of the Synthesis Document can help drive active participation in the movement, as well as to allow for a platform to project voices, views and thoughts in the Asia Pacific region as contributions to relevant global, national, local and international forums on internet governance.

Draft Timeline

2023 Synthesis Document draft timeline (dates subject to change)

21 August

Draft 0 published, Public Comment opens

29-30 August

APrIGF Townhall Sessions

3 September

Draft 0 Public comment closes

4-20 September

Drafting Committee working period

22-28 September

Draft 1 Public comment 2 period

Late September – Early Oct

Drafting Committee working period

6 Oct

2023 Synthesis Document Published

Please contact sec[at] for more information.

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