APrIGF 2022 Call for Local Hubs

Apr 13, 2022 | News

Hybrid Format

Due to the global pandemic, online participation will be a major part of APrIGF 2022. Meanwhile, its organizers are also committed to stimulating discussions at the national and sub-national levels by promoting local points of presence i.e. hubs, where small audiences will, where possible, enjoy an opportunity to be physically present throughout the event.
Such a combination of the online and physical participation is known as hybrid format.

Local Hubs

Hubs are self-organized and self-supported local meetings that take place in parallel with the APrIGF sessions. The audience at a hub can watch the webcast of sessions and are encouraged to discuss and debate topics to help bring a local perspective on issues into the virtual APrIGF session, as well as send questions (via text, audio or video) that will be answered by panelists and otherwise contribute to the wider debate. This way, hubs can play an important role in APrIGF 2022 as they:

  • Ensure the remote attendance of those who for various reasons would otherwise not be able to do so;
  • Help raise awareness about national, regional and global Internet governance issues;
  • Give communities a voice in the process;
  • Foster networking among participants and promote the community spirit;
  • Allow for immediate knowledge exchange in discussion, explanation or local application of the ongoing session;
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss locally in local language;
  • Explore local/national Internet governance issues in the light of regional context.

How to Organize a Hub?

The basic requirements are very simple. All you need is:

  • A room or auditorium, which can be a university classroom, public library or any other convenient and safe place.
  • A computer with a stable broadband Internet connection and a projector, to enable hub participants to watch the live stream. 
  • A good camera (web camera), speakers and standalone microphone for two-way discussions/interactions.
  • A hub moderator, who will stimulate the local discussions as well as transmit the hub participants’ questions or comments through the remote participation channels.
  • A general call on lists, forums etc., to invite those interested from the local community.
  • A technical coordinator (IT) to provide seamless connectivity between the local hub and the APrIGF virtual platform

Please note that the hub moderator and technical coordinators have to be present at the hub site.APrIGF MSG will be happy to offer general guidance on administrative and technical matters related to your hub’s operation, but you as the organizer remain responsible for the detailed logistics and operation which depend on local conditions. Please contact [email protected] for assistance and guidance.

Expected Contributions by Local Hubs

  • Where possible, the hub organizer(s) are encouraged to promote, and be mindful of the need for, every opportunity to engage the audience in a discussion and/or debate on local issues to complement the APrIGF ones.
  • Hub organizer(s) may contribute by providing supplementary information (e.g. number of attendees, topics discussed, etc.) to the conference report and Synthesis Document (prepared by the Secretariat) which will be submitted to the IGF.
  • Hub organizers are expected to adhere to the APrIGF Code of Conduct, and to take steps to ensure their audience are aware of it and adhere to it.

Expression of Interest

Anyone interested in organizing a local hub is invited to complete this form below before 1 August 2022. We will contact you later for further details.


If you are unable to access the online form or have any queries, please contact [email protected].

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